Podcast S1 E7 – Same Sex Attractions amongst ‘professing’ Christians (with video clip of interview of former gays) 🔞✔

If a professing Christian believes-in, or normalizes SSA’s amongst professing Christians, then I suggest they are either a liberal, bi-sexual, a homosexual, a false teacher, a capitulator, and/or an apostate. While discussing this very controversial subject, I discuss different forms of attraction. I tell an applicable story of a gorgeous woman that I and three

Preached you need sponsorship to enter heaven, lest you go to hell

Currently I am street preaching through the book of Hebrews at various locations. This morning I preached from Hebrew 7:22-25. Interestingly two unrelated ladies interjected themselves into my sermon, then one man (as I preached) asked me “do you have a smoke,” so I warned him (and the others) of the “smoke of your torment”