Checking in w/ the ARMSG Net – Ham Radio K2PTL

I used to belong to the SATERN group on 20 meters, and for a brief season held a leadership position with the San Bernardino facility. But when I learned that this “Christian” organization in San Bernardino knowingly allowed homosexuals as members, and even in leadership, I resigned. Nonetheless, today I found Warren (a previous SATERN

Hebrews chapter 3, by Bill Rhetts

This is an exposition of the entire chapter three. Vs 1-6 is the supremacy of Christ above Moses (or any of todays celebrity pastors – aka idolatry) Vs 7-13 is a grim warning of the sin and danger of unbelief Vs 14-19 is the necessity of faith in Christ, and of steadfastly following him.

An exposition of Hebrews 2:1-9 – don’t neglect your salvation

Though not intentionally this was the shortest sermon I’ve ever preached, so in ‘this video’ I also included the call to worship, communion, Gloria Patri, and the benediction. In this sermon I did an exposition of the first nine verses of chapter 2. •             In vs 1-4 is ‘The duty to not neglect our salvation’•