Exposition of Psalm 24, by Pastor Bill Rhetts 👑

Disclaimer” When I stated “I am so against our Government.” I meant to say I am against our government’s tyranny, or when they go against our Constitution, or His Church. Therefore, I am not anti-government. This video includes two Catechism questions (with commentary), and then an exposition of the Twenty-fourth Psalm.

Marine Scientists catch & release a Great White Shark

I was researching videos of Fishermen catching and releasing Sharks, which I hope to do tomorrow, but most of them have filthy potty mouths. But these folks are Anglers with PhDs, and they do so for scientific purposes. Profession and classy for sure. #CathchAndRelease “OCEARCH, a non-profit organization, tracks and studies sharks around the globe.

Psalm 22:1-21, by Pastor Bill Rhetts (the Father forsaking the Son)

In this Psalm we will see the graphic imagery of the pain and anguish that Jesus succumbed to. One scholar said “Approach this Psalm with the utmost solemnity and reverence, because you have probably never stood on holier ground before. You have come to Golgotha where the Good Shepherd is giving His life for the

An Exposition of Psalm 20, by Pastor Bill Rhetts

Regretfully I was heavy on quotes, I repent. This psalm fits the occasion of a ‘prayer service’ or a ‘prayer and sacrifice’ on the eve of battle. Similarly, back in 1942 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, an Army Chaplain was asked to lead them into battle via a prayer. History tells us, “In the heat

When to disobey: a call to civil disobedience, by Pastor Stephen Richardson (the police response after this sermon) a MUST HEAR sermon

Pastor Stephen Richardson has been a great encouragement and example to the Lord’s Church, as how to respond to the States tyranny during the Coronavirus season(s) that we are going through. Ironically (by providence) after preaching this sermon, the police responded to investigate his compliance. “David Engelsma has said, “Uncritically to yield to the decrees

An Exposition of Psalm 19, by Pastor Bill Rhetts 🌎

The theme in this chapter is the glory of God, praise, grace, and prayer. Matthew Henry said this of Psalm 19, “There are two excellent books which the great God has published for the instruction and edification of the children of men; this psalm treats of them both, and recommends them both to our diligent

An Exposition of Psalm 18:13-19, by Pastor Bill Rhetts (part 2)

This sermon is part two of last weeks sermon (on verses 1-12). We continue this Theophany and supernatural warfare that God administered on behalf of David, and as He does for His elect.   C.H. Spurgeon said of verse 19, “He delivered me, because he delighted in me.” Free grace lies at the foundation. Rest

Listening to oldies, while hauling 20 miles out to Sea, in November

Last Tuesday (in November) I went 20 miles out to Sea from the Newport Harbor. The ocean was as smooth as a local lake. But as the winter weather arrives, those days will be over for another season. Beginning today, the weather begins its unpredictableness. Always check your BoatUS app before launching your vessel.