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A must see 2 ½ minute video on ‘Interposition and the Family Dog,’ by Michael Anthony Peroutka (when your dog turns on your little girl, tearing at her throat)

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This is a great commentary, but I must add the following. Remember that I am a conservative that believes in small – limited government.

The duty of interposition shall not be limited to the government officials, whom Peroutka mentions. It is also the duty of the citizenry to interpose. We will always have dumb or weak sheep, we will always have ravenous wolves. That is why I submit to you, that we need more sheepdogs to interpose. And when the wolves (or tyrants) legislates contrary to the Scriptures, it is the duty of the church to interpose. That is what Christians do outside abortuaries. That is what open-air preachers do as they stand at the gates of hell, pleading for man to repent, believe, and obey the Gospel. Chaplain Bill.

From their description field. “You’re a good parent. So let’s suppose you think it wise to buy a watchdog so that when your little girl plays in the front yard the dog can protect and defend her from any intruders who may wish to do her harm. After a little time goes by the puppy you bought becomes a full grown animal. His muscles become fully developed, his teeth are big and sharp, and now he towers over your little girl. You are worried that he is becoming too aggressive and one day you look out the door and witness your worst fear — you see the dog’s jaws are on her neck and blood is on her clothes.”

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