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The aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting seems to be exhibiting more ‘political’ trajectories than the bullet trajectories, and when a cop cowers

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The aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting seems to be exhibiting more ‘political’ trajectories than the bullet trajectories. People are pointing fingers at everyone but themselves. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is now irresponsibly blaming the NRA. He’s blaming his department’s egregious errs on a lack of staffing, and a lack of funding. A majority of people are blaming this whole ordeal on a “mental disease.”

But now we’re learning of some legitimate areas of concern, where we ought to be placing some blame.

According to reliable witnesses (Coral Springs police officers), it appears that some of those deaths could have been prevented. As Coral Springs police officers arrived on scene, they observed that multiple Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were already on scene, but they were doing nothing but taking cover behind their patrol vehicles.

Evidently the Coral Springs police officers were troubled that a total of four Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were already on scene prior to them, but they were not taking appropriate action by engaging the active shooter.

At that time the Coral Springs police officers decided to enter the school grounds, in attempt to confront the active shooter. Thankfully two other newly arriving Broward County Sheriff’s deputies, and one officer from the Sunrise Police Dept. arrived and assisted the Coral Springs police officers to enter the campus.

When police officers are sworn-in we took an oath, which includes protecting the populace from our enemies. This means that a police officer is expected  to, and at times required  to be willing to sacrifice their life for the people that they are sworn to protect. But sadly we see an increase of police officers that are not willing to knowingly put their lives on the line for others. As a police officer, I have witnessed many police officers willingly risk their lives for others. I’ve seen many police officers take heroic actions. But sadly, I have also witnessed police officers cower under pressure.

I remember an incident in Los Angeles where I and multiple officers were parked in an alley enjoying some down time, coffee, and ‘cop talk.’ We then heard the radio call go out of a “shooting in progress” in our Division. I threw my coffee to the ground (cup included) and told my Rookie “Let’s go! At that time a police officer that was with us (Phil R.) stated, “I don’t get paid to get shot at!” I replied, “Well I do!” and we were rolling code-3 to that shooting, while officer Phil R. cowardly stayed behind. I remember other similar incidents, but one in particular was where my partner froze under gunfire (I am now grateful for that experience).

Back to the High School shooting.

If the testimony of these Coral Springs police officers is corroborated (and it sounds like video footage has), then those deputies need to be terminated, not just disciplined or retrained, but terminated. Terminated for being derelict of their duties, and for conduct unbecoming an officer (CUBO). Because police officers are expected to risk their lives, and even sacrifice their lives if necessary; cowardness is unacceptable.

If it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that those initial deputies could have prevented a loss of life, then perhaps they should be prosecuted for criminal negligent manslaughter (voluntary or involuntary).

Back to Sheriff Scott Israel.

Sheriff Israel you don’t need more funding, you don’t need more deputies. Strengthen and raise your hiring standards. Redistribute and redeploy the existing staffing of your agency, not our wealth (tax dollars). It’s not the rifles fault, it’s not the NRA’s fault. The primary causation is the suspect, Nikolas Cruz, and his problem is not a “Mental disease.” Cruz has the same problem as you and I, it’s called sin. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jer 17:9).

I am sure that many agencies are conducting their own investigations, but one thing is for certain, a County Grand Jury must be assembled to thoroughly and independently investigate this matter.

Lastly, about this sin problem that we all have, please read the below blog post. Because today is the day of salvation.


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