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The coming fallout from the recent exchange of Saeed Abedini and other Iranian prisoners for ours, and the lifting of sanctions against Iran

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Man in gas mask and camouflage holding gun. Disaster conceptAmerica, Israel and our allies will see a long-term consequential fallout from our presidents recent lifting of sanctions on Iran, and this debauched trade of their prisoners for ours. But sadly most of Americanized churchianity “celebrate” and “rejoice” over it.

On the political/national security side of this. This is not “good news” that our own country traded many terrorists in exchange for American prisoners. It is not only unpatriotic, and bad for national security. It is contrary to what our country once stood for. Coupled with the lifting of sanctions against Iran, this has weakened our nation even more.

Not only should we not flinch in the face of adversity, we ought to be willing to spill our own blood for this Nation. Including the blood of those prisoners that we just exchanged terrorists for. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

From a Biblical perspective, the church needs to move backwards, not emerge forward. Christ’s church is called to be ready to give our lives for the cause of Christ. Our nation needs to do the same (politically).

Furthermore this sanctions/prisoners deal further betrays Israel, as we align ourselves with the enemy. Oh cursed is the Nation that curses Israel.

Oh how America is now even more compromised, and weakened. Oh how she loves sin and compromise so much. Oh how her pseudō-church abroad has become so much like her (the world).

Oh how we need Biblical leadership. Moreover oh how we need Christ, and to obey His Gospel.

Let us not trust in Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John Kerry. Let us to trust in the Lord. ”

The LORD on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me? The LORD taketh my part with them that help me: therefore shall I see [my desire] upon them that hate me. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes. All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them” (Psalm 118:8-10).

Lastly to the men across America. More importantly to the men that profess to be followers of Christ. Man up and quit allowing yourselves to be emotionalized and sensationalized by this, even to the point of compromise. Man up!

Regarding those that celebrate the release of Saeed Abedini. If I’m ever imprisoned in a terrorist country, and if the negotiation of my release is part of a precarious nuclear arms deal, and the lifting of our sanctions against that country. As well as the exchange of my freedom for the release of their terrorist prisoners. Please just KILL ME instead. Jesus said we’re to deny ourselves, pick up His cross and follow Him.  Let us be more like Christ, let us think more like His Apostles.

Ye must be born again. Be salt and light – repent – fear God – keep His commandments – believe in and trust Jesus – obey the Gospel – share the Gospel – preach the Gospel – contend for the faith, – and endure to the end!

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– Chaplain Bill

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