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Video conquering both 2N17X & Pilot Rock off road trails

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Thin blue line flag on Jeep
Flying the Thin Blue Line 3’x5′ flag

Our adventure consisted of 8 Jeeps, and 11 persons. We most certainly all had a great time. The weather was beautiful, and the dust was minimal, the scenery was awesome. We were off the road at 0930, and back on the asphalt at 1330. This gave us with 4 hours of pleasurable scenery, v-notches, steep inclines, and declines. These trails also provided us with some enjoyable obstacles, and a most technical gateway. I did get some videotape of some of the obstacles, but not all of them. Being a lead and alone in my Jeep, it was not always easy to accomplish this. As often, the video I have provided is deceiving, and the team will agree that the terrain was more critical than depicted in the video.

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