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Video exegetical teaching on When to ‘Scope out, Mark and Avoid’ a false teacher or professed Christian – Romans 16:17

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In the name of tolerance this passage is rarely taught us such, and it is rarely applied.

In this exegetical study we will see when and how the Lord calls born-again Christians to scope-out, identify, mark, and avoid a false teacher, and/or the skandalon. As well as how we are sinning when we do not apply this Biblical principle. As well as the sins of neglect or omission, and the sins of tolerance. As well as what these important Greek words mean to us today. I also shared some personal experiences / applications. The dangers of doing this incorrectly, and how some open-air preachers and abolitionists have been wrongfully marked and shunned.

Lastly, though there are false teachers to avoid, the truth is every other scholar, theologian, pastor, or preacher errs and miserably falls short, myself included. When we have a low view our ourselves, and of all other men, and only a high view of Christ, we will never be disappointed.

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