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Video of alleged Prostitute telling me “I already accepted Jesus” (unbiblical soteriology)

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On this outreach I went into my ‘VICE enforcement’ mode, which also included evangelizing many bars. After handing this alleged prostitute a Gospel tract, she replied “I already accepted Jesus,” she then dodged into a liquor store. When she exited, I recorded our next encounter.

She attends a local lukewarm ‘church’ that does not teach the whole counsel of God. That displays a greasy grace, and a sloppy agapé.  Sadly she is the byproduct of emergent ‘pastors’ that will unbiblically tell you that if you want to go to heaven, then “repeat this prayer”, or “accept Jesus”, or “walk forward” in an “altar call”, or “raise your hand” in ‘church’ to be saved. Let us not forget that Jesus warned in Matthew 7:21-23 that “many” non-born-again ‘believers’ will perish in hell.

To know more about false conversions, these superstitious prayers, unbiblical raise your hand altar calls, click on my article here. Because true love rebukes and love warns.

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