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Video of Gilbert Police Officers threatening open-air preachers with arrest, at Freestone Park

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Gilbert Arizona police officers J.F. Palmer , Norris, and Sgt Fisher respond to, and investigate open-air street preachers.

Watch as the 16-year-old kid recites the 1st amendment to officer Palmer. Many police officers do not like to be reminded of the constitution by any citizen, let alone by a minor. The cop then asks him if he’s an attorney.

Remember it’s important to get the officer on camera, stating that he will arrest you. That’s evidence to prove that he has just usurped your 1st amendment right (if in fact he did.) And never turn off your recorder, and/or your video camera when told to do so.

The church needs to understand that Romans 13:1-5 does not mean that Christians are to bow down to a police officer. These Christians were respectful, and remained steadfast. The second video shows the results of their steadfastness.

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Resolution to Christians being Threatened with Arrest at City Park

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