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Video on the unbiblical ‘youth ministry,’ by Dr. Voddie Baucham

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I agree with Voddie, many (perhaps most) ‘churches’ today engage in age segregation. They divide their congregations by age groups. Over here go the children, over here the youth, and over here we have the adults, etcetera – etcetera. The children ought to sit under the same teaching as the adults.

As pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer said ~

“Since the days of the youth movement, church youth work has often lacked that element of Christian sobriety that alone might enable it to recognize that the spirit of youth is not the Holy Spirit, and that the future of the church is not youth itself but rather the Lord Jesus Christ alone. It is the task of youth not to reshape the church, but rather to listen to the Word of God; it is the task of the church not to capture the youth, but to teach and proclaim the Word of God.”

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