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Video preaching at one of many intersections throughout Shreveport Louisiana

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This message was geared more towards Christians. I had a large number of video files from this trip, but I do not have the time (nor patience) to upload them all. Therefore to provide my YouTube subscribers with a simplified diversity of videos, between different preaching styles, interactions, cities, locations, and states, as well as different results; I will only upload about 10-20 of them. You will most likely miss most on them on social media, so feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I generally do not share the ‘one on one’ conversations.

I want to thank those of you that financially supported this mission’s trip, and those that gave me prayer support. Both were needed, and both were greatly appreciated. This report was only an ‘abbreviated synopsis’ of the trip. To God be the glory! For more information about this four week trip, click here. To God be the glory!

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