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Video preaching Hebrews 10:26-27 & Hebrews 6:4-8 on Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills

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Justin on Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills
Justin on Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills.

Today we preached the Gospel into the open-air of Rodeo Dr., in Beverly Hills.

Many Gospel tracts were distributed, and we engaged in many ‘one on one’ conversations. One lady was very interested in Christianity. We were able to refer her to a Biblical church in her city.

To my surprise many Christians stopped to thank us for our witness. Another Christian asked for a business card, as he was desirous for us to connect with his church.

The two men seen in the above photo professed to be Christians, but opposed our outreach. The young man in the military type shorts told my partner Justin, “My Jesus is all love, all of the time.” He was opposed to ‘repentance,’ and the Lords judgment upon those that do not know Him. We attempted to present the whole council of the Gospel to him, but he and his father politely disagreed. We asked them what church they attended, they advised “The Dream Center” in Los Angeles.

We were also approached by a security guard. He was appreciative of our efforts. However he told us that in the last couple weeks, another unknown street preacher that had preached at our very same location, sadly called some women “whores” as they walked by. It is true that today some ladies were scantily dressed (not seen in this video.) But we should expect that from the world. The only time I would ever rebuke a woman for her lack of clothing, is if she professed to be a Christian while opposing our evangelism. But I would never call her a whore. This is the reason why I tend to not evangelize at large publicized venues, foreknowing that these type of arrogant preachers may also be present.

Thank You Lord for allowing us to be Your servant.

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