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Videos of men from the Shepherds’ Conference open-air preaching each day, before or after the conference

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One of the pastors in these videos invited me to join them at this conference. But due to unexpected hospitalization co-pays, medical office co-pays, prescription medicine co-pays, and adjudicating two separate ambulance bills; this was out of my budget. 🙁 However I am very thankful that I’m only paying co-pays, and not the entire bills. 🙂

Nonetheless, it is a blessing to see so many pastors / leaders herald the Gospel in the open-air each day of the conference. Christians – God did not call us to merely sit in our pews. He did not call us to only go to church, He called us to be the church.

From Beaverton Grace Bible Church ~

“Pastors, evangelists, and laymen from across the country and around the world (California, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Australia, & India) united together to put Gospel shod feet on the streets of Hollywood in celebration of and commitment to the “We preach Christ!” theme of the 2017 Shepherds’ Conference. For the glory of God and the souls of men, Christ was preached on Hollywood Blvd. Friday night and the Saturday morning after the conference! Seasoned Gospel veterans were alongside men who were stepping out in faith for the first time. Iron sharpened iron. Men were stretched and challenged. A pastor preached the Gospel in the open air for the first time. Two godly laymen preached Christ publicly for the very first time. Many men found their evangelistic voice through Gospel conversations. Thousands of Gospel tracts went forth. Sweet fellowship was enjoyed by all under the yoke of Christ’s Great Commission as we labored together in the Lord’s field of harvest. What’s even better than sitting under Solus Christus glory at Shepherds’ Conference all week long? Sitting under the preaching of Solus Christus glory all week long soaking up some of the finest and most edifying preaching on the planet, and then preaching Solus Christus glory to precious souls on Hollywood Blvd. Friday night and Saturday morning. Join us next year for the evangelistic icing on the Shepherds’ Conference cake :)”

Shepherds’ Conference Evangelism  – North Hollywood Metro Station

Shepherds’ Conference Evangelism -Hollywood Blvd

Shepherds’ Conference Abortion Clinic Evangelism

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