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3 Videos preaching “The dangers of John 3:16, easily believism, the whosoever verses, Tatsuo preaching in Japanese & a compilation of encounters, all preached in Beverly Hills

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Today for many hours, four men  preached into the open-air to thousands of people. Some responded well to the Gospel message, some responded angrily, some complained to security, some called the police, and some did not respond at all. The team also distributed lots of tracts, and engaged in many one on one encounters.

Evidently based on the responses from the community, and that the Beverly Hills police department deployed four police officers to our location, we must have been effective.

Today we noticed a large presence of shoppers from Japan. Brother Tatsuo is Japanese, and trilingual. This was the first time I’ve heard him preach in Japanese (video #1). Since we were not able to use our amplification, a loud voice is needed. Tatsuo has a voice like Charles Spurgeon, and preaches with such a sense of urgency. Glory to God for that man. My prayer today was “Lord let me preach more like him.” But as I’ve said before, the Apostle Paul is my primary mentor.

Below are three videos. The first video is Tatsuo preaching, as well as a compilation of other encounters, and preaching. The second video is Bill’s sermon on ‘The dangers of John 3:16.’ The third video Bill’s conversation with hecklers / atheists.

Video 1/3 Tatsuo preaching in Japanese, the police response, Bill preaching a sermonette, and an encounter with

Video 2/3 Bill’s sermon on ‘The dangers of John 3:16’ & whosoever verses 

Video 3/3 -Impeded hecklers – atheists & engaged in conversations about evolution, atheism, sin, Adam and the Pope

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