Police cite 25 Christians at Temple Baptist Church in Greenville Mississippi, & the Agency that desires to remove COVID-19 victims from homes – Podcast 28

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In this episode, I discuss the tyranny of the Greensville Police Dept, as they issue 25 citations to Christians during their church service. And how America’s current administration has embraced an agency that desires to forcefully remove any loved ones from our homes, if they’re infected with COVID-19.

UPDATE 04/10/20: According to Todd Starnes, Governor Tate Reeves denounced the actions of the police, stating “If you send police after worshippers trying to social distance, you are going to have Mississippians revolt,” and so “Don’t trample the Constitution.” Thank you Mr. Governor. But let us give all the glory to the LORD. While a majority of churches across the heartland have indirectly declared Caesar kyrios (Caesar is Lord), churches like this one have directly declared Iēsous ho kyrios (Jesus is Lord). I believe these expensive citations will soon be annulled.


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