Video ‘Born again of the Incorruptible Seed – Sperma’ (1 John 3:9)

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At the moment of that salvific conception, a person that receives the supernatural born-again experience receives a circumcised heart. The Theology of the Lords Seed is a miracle that I cannot fully understand. But what will follow is an inceptive growth of the circumcision of sanctification. Does a woman just become pregnant? No, at conception the baby is created. The baby then grows both inside and outside her womb. Lord sanctify me more. I don’t want to be in kindergarten, I want to excel as I graduate into Your glory.

Being impregnated with the Lords Incorruptible Seed (sperma), produces a new birth. The entire sermon can be seen here.

The watch the entire study throughout the Epistles of John, click on our tag here. This is also available in mp3 audio format here.

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