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Video of ‘The Biblical Christmas story!’ An open-air sermon given at many stores and market places

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My voice is raspy from preaching elsewhere. This sermon was preached inside and outside of many stores and market places.

Thou out of the cameras view. Thankfully the sidewalk to my right across the street, had lots of pedestrian traffic. That restaurants outer patio was full of patrons too. This outreach met with a more positive experience than most. Some Jews/Messianic Jews stayed for the entire message (some sat on the curb to the right.) Afterwards they prayed for me. Pray that he Lord will give them a new building. Pray the Lord will open a door for us to minister together.

Then off camera, another couple came by to show their appreciation for the public proclamation of the Gospel. They also prayed for me as well. Thank You Lord for this edification. May You do the same for them. Then another asked some questions about the message.

This message was not only about ‘baby Jesus.’ But also about our sins & how we murdered baby Jesus. About His gruesome death, His bloody cross, His resurrection; and His future return. As well as a rebuke of commercialism, coveting, greed, the lies, and idols.

May Jesus ‘the Christ’ be exalted, magnified, and gloried; during the time that is supposed to bring glory only to HIM.

Warning: This message may be hazardous to your health. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, anger, conviction, heart-burn, increased heart rate, difficulty in breathing, repentance, salvation, edification, and/or sanctification.

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