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Video on ‘They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll’ (correlations between Columbine & Fort Hood shooting), by Joe Schimmel

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Last week on the Fort Hood ARMY base, Spc. Iván López’ shot and killed many of his own. According to Pastor Joe Schimmel, Lopez had a Facebook page using the moniker of “Ivan Slipknot.” Pastor Schimmel said, “For those who don’t know, Slipknot is the name of a hardcore heavy metal band, seen in a couple pictures on his Facebook page. A simple look at some of their lyrics brings a chilling reality to what Mr. Lopez was meditating on. In their song “Gematria (The Killing Name)”, you come across the following lyrics…”

One of Spc. Iván Lopez’ latest posts on his wall was, “I have just lost my inner peace, full of hatred, I think this time the devil will take me.”

As I’ve previously said before in a BBC Documentary, in this film you will see how Satan has his stronghold on most music. This film also covers how Satan was behind the specific slaughter of Christians at the infamous Columbine High School massacre.

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