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It’s Confederate Memorial Day

There’s much debate about whether our U.S. military invasion of Afghanistan & Iraq was moral or not. But there’s no doubt their invasion of the South was immoral. Therefore, I salute the Confederate soldiers who fought and died on their own soil, for their countrymen.

Video of ‘The BEST MEMORIAL DAY ever’

During this holiday season, my theme was memorializing the most prolific, powerful, and prophetic Memorial Day ever. One that I formally celebrate monthly. Though this Memorial Day is the most important, it was also an opportunity to thank our Veterans for their service. The “Atheist” was very mellow, but the aggressive ones will be commenting

Video evangelizing the Veterans Hospital

This is not my preferred method of evangelism, but for a season. On this day I spoke with many people coming in and out of the VA Hospital, as well as some passerby’s. Here’s a portion of a much larger labor of love.

Video of an expository teaching on Malachi Chapter 4 (Prophecy, the Return of Christ, Gods judgment, wrath, mercy, love, protection & His Biblical way of salvation), by Bill Rhetts

This is an expository teaching on Malachi Chapter 4 (the last chapter of the Old Testament). Included in these 6 verses are lots of action, and the prophetic words from the Prophet Malachi. Also included is Gods judgment, Gods destruction, God’s wrath, Gods love, and Gods protection for His church. I also included a plea