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Preaching outside Redlands High School; a Biblical response to the recent arrest of two teachers arrested, for sex crimes and alleged drug related crimes

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Today Tony, May and I did some evangelizing outside Redlands High School. This was in response to the recent arrest of two school teachers. Whereas one recently plead guilty to having sex with students. The other was arrested for alleged possession of illegal drugs. However, I failed to mention in my sermon, that we must give our thanks and appreciation to the majority of the good teachers; that are diligently teaching their students.

Once upon a time the Bible was taught in our public schools. Today, history repeated itself; as it was again taught from outside the school grounds upon the public sidewalk.

While I preached the Gospel, Tony and May distributed 250 Gospel tracts. While doing so, the school security and police did approach us. They were very polite, courteous, and professional in letting me know that I was standing about three feet on the school side of the property line. Therefore, I moved over and they allowed me to continue to preach.

There was some confusion whether or not I was allowed to video tape our activities. However, it appeared that it was a school rule, and not a law. I did suggest to the Sergeant that if he becomes aware of a ‘penal code’ section telling me otherwise, to please let me know (as I want to respectfully comply with the law.) He did ask me for my business card, in which I complied.

The Bible says that Satan is the ‘father of lies,’ and that is why I prefer to video tape our activities. Too many open-air preachers have been falsely accused of either saying, or doing something that they did not say or do. Videotape has been very beneficial in vindicating them.  (Regardless, I later edited most of this video with an ‘edge detection’ effect.)

The crowd ended up being huge, so we could have distributed far more than 250 Gospel tracts. However, we did not have enough help. As Jesus said in Matthew 9:37, “Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” Thank you Tony and May.

I was overwhelmed with how many students reached up to shake my hand (as I was preaching,) to tell me how they appreciated this. The students are hungry for the Word of God.

Afterwards we did have two students come and ask us questions. However for their own privacy, I chose to not publish most of that conversation. Below is an edited version of this outreach.

Thank You Lord for an opportunity to share Your Gospel with these wonderful souls.

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