Video compilation of previous Abortuary outreaches

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Our Holy Lord’s Law and Gospel is heralded at these death camps. If Christians place more emphasis on the “image bearer” than the One the person was created in the image of, then he is worshiping the creation over the Creator. Our worship must predominately be of His preeminence, lest we commit idolatry. #FleeIdolatry

Update March 2023:  

Though I don’t believe all Christians are called to specifically labor at abortion mills (as some suppose), we are all commanded to generally evangelize somewhere somehow. Nonetheless, regarding the pro-life ministry. The Church is not called to skirt its responsibility to defend the life of the preborn, by giving a donation to an ecumenical woman’s care center, or pregnancy counseling center, financing their payroll. Some are called to go, stand, and preach (or share) His glorious Law & Gospel at the gates of hell (the abortion mill). And when we go first to glorify God while exalting Christ, we can then engage in the doctrine of interposition for the unborn, lest we put the babies before the Godhead (idolatry). Though we have no abortion mills in Tennessee, I still prayerfully support those that do this in their States. It’s a difficult duty, amongst a divided ministry, but somebodies got to do it. Below is a compilation of some Abortion Mill outreaches in my former community.

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