Video Conquering Cleghorn’s best two obstacles as firefighter Aircraft fought fire (off-roading Cleghorn Trail)

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My wife and I went four-wheeling on Cleghorn trail. A fire erupted, but the authorities did not evacuate us. By the time we got to the Lake Silverwood side, Highway 138 had been closed.

The first hill (a large rock) had been closed-off in 2014 (with chain-link fencing). But it had been recently reopened, so this was my first time climbing it. My Jeep climbed at an angle of 55-60 degrees, the law of physics and gravity made that most challenging. Next time I’ll wear a diaper 😉

We completed all other obstacles throughout the trail, and of course we did the famous Gatekeeper that is marked with a “Skull and Crossbones.’ That obstacle has broken axels, and caused rollovers, but as my wife said “You made it look easy.” It’s a Jeep thing.

Update Sept 2017: I am told the first hill has been closed off again.

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