Video message on ‘The twin towers have fallen, but we missed the message,’ by David Wilkerson (Sept 16 2001)

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David & Gwen WilkersonThe late David Wilkerson is the founding pastor of the Times Square Church in New York, N.Y. He preached this sermon just six days after 9/11, at Times Square Church in New York City.

As Wilkerson said, “I’m going to give you a word that I don’t really want to hear, and most of you don’t want to hear. It’s gonna sound heartless to some, and cruel and untimely, and unkind in at a time of grieving. But if we don’t hear it, if we don’t face it, the nation is doomed, absolutely doomed.”

There are lots of similarities with Israel then, and America now. Thou Wilkerson admits he is “not a prophet,” in video #3 (time-stamp 07:30-10:00), he went out on a limb a bit. It is wise to refrain from giving timelines (at least he did not give a date). Fact is he is correct, this will happen sooner than we would want. Frankly we deserve it.

Many Christians in America are praying for a “revival.” As I’ve said many times before, be careful what you pray for. Because a revival will not come the way you expect. Because of our nations pride and sinfulness, most likely a revival will only come after Gods judgment upon this nation, and then a persecution of His church. Then after Biblical repentance, a Biblical revival will come thereafter. As Wilkerson said perhaps God is giving us “time to evangelize.”

Mr. Wilkerson until I see you in heaven, you’ve been tagged (again).

Side note: In this sermon Wilkerson mention his assistant “Pastor Carter.” Carter is the one that closed up with a song. Immediately after 9/11, and prior to Wilkerson’s message, pastor Carter Conlon gave a scathing 9/11 sermon entitled “Run.” That message can be seen/heard here.

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