BLASPHEMY ALERT: Professing Christian singer Lauren Daigle “loves” God being portrayed as a female, and imagines God being created in the image of man

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Professing “Christian” singer Lauren Daigle is an egregious false teacher. In this short clip, she approves of God being depicted as a female in the heretical movie Shack. Furthermore she teaches that God was ‘created in our image,’ rather than the Biblical truth that ‘man was created in the image of God.’ She states she loves “The different representations of God,” that “I Iove the fact the He was portrayed as a female,” and that “so seeing God as an image of um us, like how their personalities are, I think that was the most special thing to me.”

This is beyond false teaching, it is blasphemy.

But what else should I expect from a ‘professing’ Christian that would go on the Ellen DeGeneres show last month. When a professing Christian provides ‘entertainment’ for a homosexual, and her homosexual fan base (and the millions of her fans), that is an apparent endorsement of Ellen’s wicked lifestyle. That’s the way I see it, and that’s the way many homosexuals will see it. Why don’t we start attending their weddings too, and we’ll call that “love.” Who knows, maybe “they’ll see Jesus inside us?” Hog wash. Would Lauren Daigle provide entertainment to a group of admitted car thief’s, or admitted drug dealers, or admitted child molesters, or admitted adulterers, or murderers? I suspect not. Then why do so many coddle homosexuality? Because it’s demonic! Lauren, Paul said in 2 Corinthians 13:5 to examine the Scriptures, and to test ourselves to see if we are truly saved. I would love to walk you thru those many passages.


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