Our Mama Cow came close to death

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As you know, on Thanksgiving Day Mama Cow gave birth to her baby (Madeline), but yesterday Mama became extremely ill and was in respiratory distress.

The two-person team that responded from our Veterinarian must have been trained in some form of Veterinary Martial Arts. To see how they were able to get this large Cow on the ground, and on her side for further examination and treatment, was impressive, to say the least.

We are glad we called the Pros, she would have died had we not. Mama Cows’ diagnosis was Endometritis, a 104-degree fever, and an erratic heartbeat.

Her treatment included multiple shots, replenishing her calcium and magnesium thru an IV in her neck, and treatment inside her womb.

The doctor also gave advice on building a cattle head rack so it would be easier and safer to give our livestock treatment in the future.

Lord willing Mama Cow is on her road to recovery, perhaps baby Madeline will not be left behind.

Since I’ve been awake today (0300), Mama has been lying down. But I managed to get her to stand long enough to eat a portion of her breakfast, but it didn’t come easy for her.

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