Video of a Homeless lady saying she is Christ

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I delete most of my ‘one on ones,’ but I thought this one was interesting enough to upload. This intersection is located between the two locations that I preach at in the mornings. Therefore sometimes I evangelize the pedestrians. The pedestrians vary from gang members, to prostitutes, to drug users, drug buyers and sellers, to alcoholics, regular customers, and everything in between. Perhaps this lady fits the latter category. According to discerning reviews, the blasphemous movie and novel called ‘The Shack’ portrays God as a female black. I wonder if The Shack was in her pile of books near her.

UPDATE: Within 15-minutes of uploading this video, YouTuber named ‘Salvation Soldier’ immediately commented the following under this video. “Perhaps it would be good if you keep this off the Internet because of this verse: Matthew 6:3.”

The following is my response to him (or her), and any others watching.

Dear Salvation Soldier, I do appreciate your comment, but we must understand and apply Jesus’ Words in context. In context (Matt 6:1-4), Jesus was speaking of those that give as “hypocrites.” I was not harboring, nor displaying any hypocrisy here, none at all. Jesus was also rebuking and warning of those that give for the “glory from men.” I made it very clear in my video, that ‘another brother’ donated those cards, moreover that I was doing this in “the name of Jesus,” and “for the glory of God.” Jesus foreknew the ‘intent’ and ‘motives’ of the ‘hypocrites’ hearts in that passage. He also knows my intent and motive. Therefore I will reveal my intent and motive to you. I decided to upload this video to encourage the brethren, to only do “good works” in His name, and while sharing the Gospel along with those good works (I made that very clear to the lady, and any others later viewing this video.) Soli Deo Gloria!

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