A 90-second video on ‘Christian dieting’

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This is very good. Christian dieting is about as oxymoron as Christian music, and so many other things that use Christianese to take Gods Word out of context, and profit off of. Most people pray for Gods mercy, I pray that He will take his John 2:15 whip of cords, turn over more tables, and drive out those that profit off the name of Christ. But then again, perhaps these money changers are the judgment of God. Either way His wrath, fury, and judgment is well deserved. Hey by the way, I’ve got some tracts for sale. Just kidding re the last part.

Last year my two cousins unfriended me because of posts like this. BTW they attend Rick Warrens church. Do you really believe that family is more important to me than Christ? I think not!

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